Vehicle Title Services

We are able to issue a permanent license plate, registration card and sticker over the counter. No more temporary registrations or stickers in your back window. Stop in to see how easy we make the process. We’ll do all the work for you in a matter of minutes.

Title Transfers (Car, Truck, Trailer, Boat, ATV)

Seller :
Provide valid drivers license or state ID, US Passport, or Military ID along with the title. If out of state title, we must have a VIN verification such as the vehicle being present or a tracing of the VIN plate. If you are signing for a company, we must have company letterhead authorizing the seller to sign for said company. If the name differs from the face of the title such as a name change from marriage, divorce, and citizenship we need supporting documents to prove the name change on the title versus the name on the drivers license (ie. Marriage certificate, Court decree).

Buyer :
Purchaser must provide valid PA drivers license, PA state ID, or US Military ID (common access card). If showing US Military ID, we will also require proof of a PA address such as a utility bill or bank statement.

If signing for a company, we need company letterhead authorizing the purchaser to sign for said company. In addition, PennDOT also requires proof that the company exists (ie. Fictitious name approval from Dept. of State, Tax ID #, utility bill or a State/Federal Document). If it is a leased vehicle, the lease company must provide a POA for the purchaser to sign on behalf of the leasing company, along with form MV 1L to verify who is to receive the registration.

If coming from out of state and moving into the area, in order to get your car registered you must have the title in hand. If you are still making payments on a vehicle and your bank is holding the title, stop in to complete an out of state title request form (no charge) and we'll take care of getting the title from your bank. When we receive the title from your bank, then you can come in to get your car registered in PA.

Additional requirements to get your car registered in PA:

  • Must have PA drivers license or PA state ID
  • Must have proof of insurance in PA
  • Vehicle must be here in order for us to verify the VIN OR we can accept a VIN rubbing or form MV41 completed by inspection mechanic or police officer.

Title ONLY transfer requires the purchasers valid PA drivers license or state ID. Seller must also provide a valid drivers license.

Title and NEW TAG requires the purchasers valid PA drivers license or state ID, along with proof of insurance. It is acceptable to use a previous proof of valid insurance. If purchasing a motorcylce, motor home, or RV, the insurance card must be for such type of vehicle. Acceptable proof of insurance includes an ID card, declaration page, or binder. Note: We cannot accept an auto change binder.

Title and TRANSFER TAG requires the purchasers valid PA drivers license or state ID, along with proof of insurance. We will also need the registration card or some sort of vehicle identification information (ie. Plate #) from vehicle the tag is coming from. As mentioned above, acceptable proof of insurance includes an ID card, declaration page, or binder. We cannot accept an auto change binder.

For a truck or trailer, if an out of state title and no weights are listed on the title, the vehicle must be weighed and the weights must be verified by an inspection mechanic. Form MV41 is meant for this purpose. If a trailer or vehicle was not required to be titled from a previous state, the purchaser must bring in a notarized bill of sale and a transferrable registration card.

Title Transfer Involving Death
If title transfer involves a death, we must have an original death certificate or original short certificate. Photocopies are NOT acceptable.

ATVs or Snowmobiles
Must have a title (if one was issued originally) or transferrable registration and notarized bill of sale. If the ATV or snowmobile came from a state that did not register the vehicle, we will need a notarized bill of sale and a VIN tracing. All PA ATVs and snowmobiles will always have a title originally issued.

Must have a notarized bill of sale if there is no transferrable registration card or title. For a bill of sale we'll need to have the following included: hull number, length of boat, weight capacity, type of boat, type of material, number of persons it is capable of holding.

Apportion Registration/Title Transfer
If transferring a title for a heavy use truck weighing more than 26,001 pounds and it travels outside of PA, you are required to register as an apportioned vehicle. You need a DOT number and need to know what states you are traveling to. If you are registering as apportioned for the first time, you will need three proofs of residence, insurance document, lease agreements, or registrations from other vehicles registered in PA. If leasing to another company, you are also going to need a copy of a lease agreement between the purchaser and company you are working for which must list vehicle information and duration of lease. You'll need a drivers license, liability insurance, and if putting the title in the company name, you'll also need a letter on company letterhead authorizing you to sign on the company's behalf. If it is an out of state title, you must have an MV41 completed by a PA inspection mechanic verifying weights and VIN number. If owned more than 60 days, you’ll need IRS form 2290, Heavy Highway Use.

Duplicate Titles

If you need a duplicate title, whomever was on the original title needs to be here to apply as we'll need to notarize signatures. We’ll need a valid PA drivers license or PA state ID, along with some form of vehicle information (VIN, tag or title #). The VIN number (as an example) could be obtained from your insurance card.


We are able to title and instantly register any reconstructed vehicles that are marked as "online processing required" on form MV426B.

This form is completed by the enhanced safety inspection station who will perform the inspection, sign and date the photos required.

Additional requirements for a reconstructed vehicle whether registering instantly or it is required to be processed through Penndot include:

  • Four pictures (front, back, both sides-straight on shots and full view of vehicle) signed and dated by the enhanced safety inspection mechanic
  • Proof of valid insurance on this vehicle
  • Valid Pa ID or drivers license
  • Receipts for parts, supplies, invoice from garage, etc. to prove sales tax already paid
  • If salvage certificate is in your name and you are putting the car back in your name, we will need the insurance company buy-back letter showing how much they charged you to be able to keep the vehicle
  • If you purchased the vehicle from another party, you'll need either an MV3 (fair market value form) or MV13st (gift affidavit)
  • The completed MV426b application completed by the enhanced safety inspection station
  • If applicable, a weight slip for any truck or trailer that does not show the unladen weight on the proof of ownership